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Zephyr's Mind "Blowing" Performance

Anna Orvin's Review: 

Showcasing their various abilities, such as acrobatics, comedic relief, and heart-stopping stunts, Zephyr did a phenomenal job engaging with the audience and keeping us on the edge of our seats. While picking a favorite act was difficult, their stunts were outstanding. Whether skillfully flipping through hoops or suspending themselves 20 feet in the air, the cast demonstrated extraordinary amounts of concentration, trust, and professionalism. Despite the tremendous amount of focus and physicality that goes into every routine, what stood out to me the most was their genuine passion and joy for each of their unique talents. The cast not only exhibited extreme determination in their roles, but they also had fun and their laughter was authentic. The opportunity to watch such an incredible performance alongside the editors is something I will never forget. Like a gust of wind, Zephyr truly blew me away!  

Gabby Whitehead's Review: 

All the performers displayed a great set of skills astounding the audience throughout the night. One act in particular, she was introduced in a unique way in order to give props to the contortionist. She arrived in a medium-sized wooden box placed in the center of the stage, from which she mysteriously emerged one limb at a time, slowly revealing herself to the audience. She appeared to move her body effortlessly, with serpent-like bending and twisting into different poses swiftly and gracefully one after the other. Each move she made was deliberate, contorting every part of her body to writhe and bend in an abstract and impressive dance. 

I watched with anticipation, anxiously holding my breath waiting to see what would happen next. Each performer had a unique set of skills, sometimes working solo sometimes working with others . Whether it was juggling multiple bowling pins while moving across the stage, balancing on one hand while displayed 30 feet up in the air, showing great acts of strength lifting twice the weight of their own body, or doing intense acrobatics, every performer and every performance was memorable. 


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