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Responses to February Writing Challenge

Letter for Lost Loved One

By Sean Ray

What dream will you visit me next,

Where you sing falsetto unchained melody,

Where holy water blesses the hands that used to hold you, priest,

Where you tell me the skies don’t cry for us all,

That they only bleed blue.

What prison will I wake to,

Where I can only write letters to you,

Where I have to kneel to hear you,

Where sand and salt is the only place for you

Outside a tomb.

What do you think of me now?

Future father, graduating scholar,

Forgiving out of love,

Breathing not born of spite

You tell me when I see you,

In the dream you visit me next.

Our Secret Melody

Mallory Smith

I wore your love only on my cheeks

The only place I could

Because out in public,

no one understood

Why couldn’t they let me love you?

My paper bore the secrets

Of our love filled bed

The paper’s wet from my tears

the ink spread

Will you ever tell them the truth?


I wear your anger anger on my cheeks

Anxiety lingers on my chest

Our fights on my lips

I lay my fingers on the piano

Each key a hymn of our anger

I no longer play our soft melodic tune

Ever since you left me

Silence fills the room

I lay on the couch and stare the ceiling

I weep in solitude

I rip the frames from off the wall

And burn them in the fire

Even the smoke reminds me of you

I burn our sheets of music

There’s nothing else for me to do

I can no longer play

All I had to sing about was you


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