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Dive Into a Thrilling New Tale

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you dive into thrilling chapters full of intense twists and jagged turns you’ll find yourself holding your breath waiting for answers. In this exciting new mystery thriller we follow the journey of Cass, a middle aged writer and surfer who is longing for an adventure. Her everyday life is thrown into chaos when a getaway trip is thrown off course and Cass finds herself trying to escape a gang of drug trafficking and murderers. Throughout her journey she's faced with difficult decisions and trials that push her past her limits, is Cass able to take on this new adventure? Find out in Laurel Senick’s book, Foam! 

Laurel Senick is a new author who made her big debut with her book Foam. Laurel drew inspiration from her personal life and interests: her love of the sea, surfing with friends, her writing career, and her need for adventure. She grew up in Elizabeth City and now lives here in sunny Wilmington NC, the very same little beach town where her main character Cass lives. Laurel got her start working on small films, then later on got more into writing. Laurel didn’t get into surfing until her mid 30s when she was working at a local Co-Op; a woman walked in trying to sell her wet suit. Laurel had been wanting to learn how to surf for a long time and this wetsuit was a good start. After she bought it off the women and took it home, it stayed in her closet for one year, until she was finally able to convince her next-door neighbor to teach her how to surf. She explained that her faith in God and her love for writing kept her going while finishing Foam. She worked on the book for nearly a decade until she made the difficult decision to self publish. She also went on to say that her writing process wasn’t perfect as she took an unconventional approach to her writing. She didn’t write all the chapters in order at first and went back and forth with what to keep in her book. Laurel took suggestions from peers in her writing group as well as hiring an editor to review her work. Through much perseverance she learned a lot about what it takes to write and self publish a book. She opted for self publishing which resulted in more creative control, leading her to become a successful new author. Now she is currently working on publishing her second novel Luminescent which is set to be released in 2024. 

Laurel Senick and Gabby Whitehead


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