• Brittney Bourget

The White Devil

Updated: May 5

Oh sweet supple sphere of sweet red Why can you not sate my hunger or quench my thirst like in the days of old For what reason have you not become as sweet as when we were

still young and naive What changed throughout our years of our evolution Have our tongues changed their shape and desire more of a glide

on such an organ Something that we can reach for in a moment’s notice or sip with fervor Cold as ice yet lights up our minds like a fireworks display of

wonder and energy Oh sweet hell and machinations of our addled minds that seek

such a chemical wonder of love That comes in more colors of the rainbow but only four are

needed like the body humors Of ebony, brunet, cream, and crystalline white How can an apple compete with such a wonder As valued as a diamond and with as much blood in its history

We thirst for such a treat that glides so silky and yet is a monster

in disguise that lurks and hides In plain sight yet hidden behind the fancy words and so easily gotten How can one stay away from such a love that is a match made in

nature so sanctified Yet acts more like a parasite from hell that controls its subjects

with an iron fist to the brain It’s our vice and pleasure and the source of pain and all that

comes with its indulgence

Oh sweet apple can you not come back from that high priced

grave that’s been dug for you

The sweetness of wine and cherries have been replaced by beet and cane The words are everywhere yet no one can read them well and

heed them So is all lost in this fight of humanity for such a simple apple

We altered the course of our own evolution and with it a price must be paid Sometimes in blood sometimes in teeth sometimes in feet

Mindless are we when we grab for such a twisted appetizing thing in all its colors and fizz So supple is the mind while it courses through our veins as it wakes us up from slumber Such a white devil That sugar is.

Brittney Bourget

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