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The Search

Updated: May 5

Based on evidence presented Infinity Complexity of cosmos, Law of gravity Structure and evidence of design that is perfect and timed

The dial set and finely tuned Acceleration of Earth and moon The truth is not that hard to find Not some far-off mystery that appears sublime

Human evidence Organs, tissues, brain, heart, cells, DNA

5s and 3s As and Ts Gs and Cs Structure, order, sequence RNA to proteins

Transcription, translation What’s the destination?

Not new thinking, neither is it profound Truth is consistent, clear, leaves no room for doubt Nothing comes from nothing Everything has a cause For anything to exist there would have to be some being that has

always existed The warning is, question everything Question what you’re told Allow yourself to be wrong, allow yourself to be bold Seek out the truth and find it Truth is not all inclusive or there would be no need for it If there is no such thing as truth, is that true?

What is the purpose of life? Does anything happen to us after we

die? Question everything and seek answers that satisfy

What is it that you seek? Chromosomes created and placed Intricately designed, perfect and timed We forget that helix is in us all All of us similar at the most basic and minute level of life

Every detail of who we are, at the very core is the same

Oh but don’t underestimate the power of differences

Unique sequences of genes and individual skillsets

The way a heart pours itself on a canvas The vast number of ideas and mindsets Each person with their gifts

Crossing caverns to greet one another despite great rifts

Barriers that divide can be the bridges that unite

Design gives us purpose in our lives Each part important to the whole The clock turns with each piece placed Each part with a function planned for time and space

Remember that next time you think you are worthless There is more to you than appears at the surface

Every inch of your breathing body down to the microscopic cell is full of purpose

Heather Tripp

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