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Saint Sanction

As the light of God is snuffed out,

Devil’s night spreads fear and doubt.

Nursing the seed of the wicked to sprout,

bringing false accusations and drought.

Once the sun rises over the meadows, the blood of the wicked shall flow n’

grace of mercy shall be bestowed, to the saint who gives evil the final blow.

Gather brothers of the temple, clasp your hands by the altar.

As we join together in prayer, our spirits shall never falter.

The candles of fortune tint the halls a shade of gold.

Smoke from censers incense the air with every pulse.

For we are the veins-

And the Lord is our heart-

For I, Saint Sanction, will fight through these accursed banes.

With the resolution of light, we can never be torn apart.

Now call out for another day-

For we shall never stray.

As the rays of light fades away,

demons come into the dark to play.

Beasts surrounding their helpless prey,

tearing at the ones led astray.

Then the rays of wraith will come to judge, these horrid beings of sin and sludge n’

bring them to the pyre, where they’ll meet their lord of fire.

There are still those, the ones born of ill omen.

They don’t listen to the light, only to emotion.

Men of sunken eyes and broken skin,

Ladies who fail to raise their living kin.

Those who’ve yet to see-

In the world of bliss-

Yet through their clouded minds, they will be free.

To shake of the embers, taint from the abyss.

And look toward the skies,

Then they’ll finally realize.

As the radiant dusk suffocates,

shadows of sinners assimilate.

Even all that’s good dissipates,

we will stand to still await.

The day of our fateful rapture, when the Dark Lord is catched n’

the guidance of our holy chapter, whose zeal shall never be fractured.

Even as the fiends of darkness, in all their deceit,

Claw at the virgin flesh, piercing the holy priest.

The hour of judgement is nigh,

There’s no question to deny,

Let the torches burn-

They are no longer pure-

Fill the night with red, reduce them to the urn.

Through this smoke and blood, we will forever endure.

If these fiends should survive, humanity will live blind-

pray that God rends their soul once they touch the other side.

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