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Early one fall morning

when no one was looking

I launched my own satellite

right out of the backyard

watched it go straight up- felt the big boom as it broke free and arced westward- on its way

watched until it was a little star, moving fast- stable orbit

the kids down the street waiting on the bus loved it- wanted me to do it again

I yelled back it was a oner and to have a good day at school

now don’t be jealous

you can borrow my satellite anytime

I barely use it

hell- nobody's paying attention- launch your own

and like I said, feel free to use mine

but I’m telling you- you can see some shit from way up there…

actually- I was grilling chicken

but it was seven thirty on a beautiful morning

and the great thing about a grill fire

other than hot grilled food

is you can’t leave it

so I was indulging in my surroundings

and it’s just fun to imagine life at Cape Canaveral.

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